Welcome to the Griffith Park Golf Club, the birthplace of municipal golf in Los Angeles.
The Griffith Park Golf Club's goal is to enrich our members' golfing worlds through exceptional tournaments on our two championship courses, and beyond.
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2024 Elections

If you are a Member in good standing with the Griffith Park Golf Club and would like to nominate a candidate for the 2024-2026 term, you are asked to refer to Article VII Section 3 of the Griffith Park Golf Club bylaws and submit to the Secretary Tim Jolliffe a written list, signed by not less than (30) Members, identifying candidates the signing members nominate for any of the elected positions on or before September 29th 2023.

Elected Candidates:


Thank you,
The GPGC Board

Read our August 2023 newsletter by following this link:

08-02-23 newsletter

GPGC Champions Wall

2022 Charlin Chaplin Cup Winner - Ned Udomkesmalee

2022 Club Champion - Damon Krause

A Flight Champion - James Dole

B Flight Champion - Josh Rowley

C Flight Champion - Jime Sabbe

Women Champion - Susan Freed

Fourball Championship

2023 Duhon Flight Fourball Champs - Robbie Clemente & Matt Chin


2023 Gallardo Flight Fourball Champs - Michael Rojas & James Kendall


2023 Strong Flight Fourball Champs - Bryan Birge & Miles Warner


2021 Presidents Cup Winners - Team Pollock