Physical Scoring

If you are the primary physical scorer, an official scorecard will be handed to you by the starter at the tee during the event. Scorers are tasked with recording the "Gross" strokes on the scorecard for all members in the group. After the round the official scorecard must be compared with the mobile score. After which the primary physical scorer is tasked with taking a picture and sending it to The scores then become final and any corrections thereafter will have the normal consequences.



Mobile Scoring

Mobile scoring will be done per group by a single assigned member of the group. The mobile scorer is required to download Golf Genius App onto their mobile phone from either the iOS store or the Google Play store. A GGID will be given for each event and is generally "GP" + Month + Day of the event (e.g GP0119). Refer to this tutorial for a walkthrough. The mobile scorer must compare scores with the primary physical scorer after the round.