Tournament sign ups are on a first come first serve basis. Regular Members are welcome to sign up for any open tournaments in our "Upcoming Events" by following the steps below:

  1. Click on name of event you intend to register for
  2. Click the "Register Now" button on the page
  3. Click "New Registration"
  4. Type your name and click the autofilled name
  5. Complete registration inputs


Associate Members

If your name does not populate in step 4, either you have already registered for the event, or you are not a Regular Member. Please contact the Membership Chairman if you believe this is in error. Otherwise if you are an Associate Member and would like to use your one (1) allowance to play in an event to evaluate whether you would like to upgrade membership please contact the Tournament Chairman to sign up. An invoice will be sent to you to pay for the event but you may not participate in any side games like skins, CTP, or Long Drive and any event winnings must go towards upgrading your membership.


Tournament Credits

If you have enough Tournament Credits to cover the entire entry fee, then you may use those credits to sign up by using the Tournament Credits Entry during sign ups. There is no automatic validation so if you sign up using credits and do not have a sufficient balance you will be removed from the roster when somebody checks it manually some time before the event. There may be no warning given so make sure you have enough credits before signing up with that option. Also the balances are not updated until after the events so if you sign up for multiple events with credits please make sure you have enough to cover all of them otherwise you risk being removed from the later events when your balance become insufficient. There is no priority given to those signing up with credits so if the event is full you will be put on the waitlist.




Events generally have a waitlist at some point. Either the event has filled up already or the number of spots is reduced when the date to finalize roster size has passed. The sign ups after that point will be for the waitlist and will be open until the day before the event. As members of the regular field withdraw, the waitlist will be contacted in the following manner:

  • Contact will try to be made by phone, then by text, and then by email to inquire whether the person next on the waitlist is still interested in participating in the event.
  • If the intended person cannot be reached, then no less than 1 hour must be given to respond before moving onto the next member of the waitlist.
  • If the person on the waitlist agrees to participate, then their card used during the registration will be charged and the player will be moved into the regular field.
  • If someone on the waitlist is unresponsive they will be skipped for future openings until they respond. If someone who was unresponsive makes contact after the allotted time and the spot has already been filled they will be placed back on the waitlist in the position they were originally in relation to the others still on the waitlist.




As of 2021, all events must be paid for online as part of the registration process. We understand that there are extenuating circumstances that may take precedent that requires you to withdraw from one of our events. In previous years, our tee times at Griffith were provided by the city and we were able to give tournament credits for withdrawals winthin 12 hours, but that is no longer the case with LA City requiring final event size numbers a week out. This is generally in line with away tournaments and thus we have implemented a new policy in regards to tournament withdrawals:


If you must withdraw from the tournament for any reason after you have already signed up for the event, please email the Tournament Director. After which a Tournament Credit or a refund may or may not be granted based on the following criteria:

  1. Prior to Tournament Information Email (appx 5 Days Prior) -  A Full Amount of the Entry Fee
  2. After the Tournament Information Email (appx 5 Day Prior) but before the Final Pairing Email (appx 2 Days Prior) - 1/2 The Event Entry Fee
  3. After Final Pairing Email (appx 2 Days Prior) - No Tournament Credit or Refund will be granted


Instead of Tournament Credit given the same criteria above you may choose to be refunded back to the original card minus a 3% credit card fee that was included in the Entry Fee. Please let us know if you're cancelling (even if you cancel your registration yourself). If we do not have a record of the withdrawal, we may miss your refund or Tournament Credit refund.


We want members who sign up for our events to play in our events. We understand that life happens that may cause you to withdraw but please be aware that a lot of effort goes into making these events happen and cancelling last minute puts stress on the managers. It is a non trivial amount of work to reseed flights, redo times, send emails, etc superfluously. If you are withdrawing last minute we want to make sure it is for serious reasons. Rest assured that as a non-profit, the extra money we collect will be utilized to the benefit of the membership. Thank you.