The Charlie Chaplin Cup is a season-long player of the year race designed to find the player of the year. Throughout the year, you will receive points based on both your NET and GROSS finish in your flight. This race culminates in a FedEx Cup style PLAYOFF SYSTEM played in the fall.

Accruing points the entire year will qualify you to get into the President's Cup but the top 16 at the end of the year go into a Player of the Year Tournamnent to crown the champion!

Who is going to take down the cup??



  • Your combined GROSS and NET finish in each tourney will make up the year-long standings of the Charlie Chaplin Cup.
  • All individual ties are awarded the same place points. (Ex: Bob shoots the low round at 73. Dan, Beth and Joe all shoot 74 and Frank shoots 75. Bob would take 1st place points. Dan, Beth and Joe ALL take 2nd place points. And Frank takes 5th place points, etc)
  • For team events, players on the same team are awarded the same points based on the team standings. (Ex. If Alice and Bob are on a team that places 3rd overall, then both will receive 3rd place points)
  • The Official Majors are The Four-Ball Championship, and The Club Championship
  • Major points are awarded at The Club Championship Qualifying Rounds while the Playoff portion will award Match Play points. Fourball will also award Match Play points.
  • The Senior Club Championship awards no POY points




1st - $250 Tournament Credits + Your Name on the Player of the Year Trophy!
2nd - $200 Tournament Credits
3rd - $150 Tournament Credits

4th - $100 Tournament Credits

5th - $50 Tournament Credits



Weekday Weekend Major

Match Play

1st     62.5 1st     125 1st    250 1st     250
2nd    50 2nd    100 2nd   200 2nd    200
3rd     42.5 3rd     85 3rd    160 T-3     150
4th     35 4th     70 4th    140 T-5     100
5th     30 5th     60 5th    120 T-9     50
6th     27.5 6th     55 6th    110  
7th     25 7th     50 7th    100  
8th     22.5 8th     45 8th    90  
9th     20 9th     40 9th     80  
10th   17.5 10th   35 10th   70  
11th   15 11th   30 11th   60  
12th   12.5 12th   25 12th   50  
13th   10 13th   20 13th   40  
14th   7.5 14th   15 14th   30  
15th   5 15th   10 15th   20  
  16th   5 16th   10  


* Lowest place points will be repeated for subsequent places. Those who do not finish their round will not receive points.


(EX:  In a Weekend tournament, if you place 3rd gross and 5th net. You would get 85 points for gross and 60 points for your net finish. Totalling 145 points for that tournament.)





After accruing points throughout the year, the top 16 are qualified to enter the Player of the Year Finals tournament.


The POY standings after the last event before the Player of the Year Finals will dictate the score offset that players will start the tournament with:

  1. -13
  2. -11
  3. -10
  4. -9
  5. -8
  6. -7
  7. -6
  8. -5
  9. -4
  10. -3
  11. -2
  12. -1
  13. Even
  14. Even
  15. Even
  16. Even


The Player of the year Finals is one round Net event where everyone plays off of Blue Tees. The course will generally be on Wilson but some occassions may be played on Harding due to scheduling conflicts. Handicaps will be 90% of the 12 month low index. Any tie for the winning position at the end of the event will proceed with a sudden death playoff. Players who qualify for the Finals may opt out of the finals, but there will be no replacement or shifting of offset strokes.



2021 - Greg Uberuaga

2020 - Daniel Gomes

2019 - Matt Nicklaw

2018 - Doug Busse

2017 - Doug Busse

2016 - E. Tamim Mohammad

2015 - Robert Stone

2014 - Mel Locke

2013 - Randall Nimura

2012 - Michael Erger

2011 - John Chisholm

2010 - Patrick Allen

2009 - Randall Nimura

2008 - Randall Nimura