The Griffith Park Golf Club adopts the following rules relating to conduct by club members:

1.  Members shall conduct themselves with excellent etiquette, decorum, integrity, and honesty, both (a) when on the golf course during a competition; and (b) when on or off the course when the member’s behavior in any way has to do with the club or how the club is perceived.
2.  The Rules of Golf, as published by the USGA, are hereby incorporated by reference and adopted in their entirety.  Members shall adhere to those rules, including Rule 1.2 - Standards of Player Conduct.  As is stated therein:  "All players are expected to play in the spirit of the game by: Acting with integrity...Showing consideration to others..."  All should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, as this is the spirit of the game.

3.  Violation of these rules is grounds for discipline.  As the Constitution and Bylaws of Griffith Park Golf Club states, that may range from probation to expulsion. The GPGC Board is the  sole arbiter of what constitutes appropriate behavior, what constitutes appropriate disciplinary action, and its decisions are final 

4.  The following are offered for the purpose of illustration only, as examples of improper behavior:
a.    Assault (with likely discipline being immediate expulsion)
b.    Cheating or lying
c.    Berating (as opposed to merely complaining to) course employees (groundskeepers, starters, restaurant or pro shop staff, etc.)