The Club Championship involves a two day qualification tournament that leads into a 8 person match play finals a couple weeks after the qualifier to determine the Club Champions. There is one division for gross competition that will name The Club Champion, but there is also a net division with 3 flights that will name A Flight, B Flight, and C Flight Club Champions.


Entry Fee: The entry fee of this tournament covers potentially 5 rounds of golf. Players are only guaranteed 2 rounds during the qualifier. If you make the cut, you move onto matchplay where you could end up playing an additional 3 rounds based on your performance. No additional entry fees or greens fees will be collected for any matchplay rounds. Normal round discounts for Senior, CI, etc, will not be awarded.

Eligibility Requirements: Players must be in good standing and have competed and finished at least 5 events during the current season (Fourball does not count towards qualification) before the first round of the qualifier.

Exemptions: Previous Year's Club Champions are exempt from playing in the qualifying rounds if they are seeded into the same flight they are defending. If a previous year's champion is flighted into a different flight than one they were defending then they are not entitled to any exemptions and must qualify for the playoffs in their new flight. Assuming a defending champion is flighted into the same flight they will automatically advance to the matchplay portion of the event as the 1 seed but must still sign up and pay for the qualifier. Defending champions may compete in the qualifying rounds to collect Charlie Chaplin Cup points but their results in the qualifier will not affect the playoff standings or seeding. Previous champions must still meet all eligibility requirements to participate in the club championship to be eligible for an exemption.

Qualifying Spots: Top 7 places in each flight qualifies for matchplay or top 8 if there is no defending champion in that flight. Tie breakers the include the last qualiying spot will be determined by sudden death playoff on day 2 of the qualifier. Tie breakers for spots inside the last qualifying spot will be determined by cardoff using the "Countback" method.

Please do not request partners or tee times for this event. Players will be paired by 12 month low handicap. Championship flight will go out first on Day 1 and then we will flip flights for Day 2 however we will re-pair the foursomes within each flight based on the standings after the first round.

Division Declaration: All players must declare which division they wish to compete in (Championship or Net). Any player of any handicap may elect to compete in the Championship Division, which will play to gross the entire event. The winner of this is considered the overall Club Champion and will have their name engraved on the Marty Tregnan trophy in the club house. Otherwise players will declare themselves part of the Net Division. Those in this division will be evenly spread out among 3 Flights (A, B, C) which will use handicaps throughout the event. Handicaps will be either your 12 month low SCGA index or a GPGC tournament handicap, whichever is lower.

Pace of Play: Slow play will not be tolerated. There may be slow play penalties given to offending players or groups if the pace falls far enough behind.

Prizes: No script prizes will be given out for the qualifying rounds, but we will still hold a gross and net skins competition each day. There will be script prizes for 1st and 2nd in the playoffs of each flight. Winners of each flight will be sent to the annual SCGA Tournament of Club Champions, paid for by the club. In addition, all club champions receive a handsome script payout and free GPGC membership for the next renewal period. 



2023 - Damon Krause

2022 - Damon Krause

2021 - Damon Krause

2020 - Damon Krause

2019 - Damon Krause

2018 - Brad Ernske
2017 - Damon Krause
2016 - Damon Krause
2015 - Greg Uberuaga
2014 - John Althouse
2013 - Ferdie Barbosa

2012 - Ferdie Barbosa
2011 - Byron Segraves
2010 - William Pollock
2009 - Raul Cordon

2008 - Brian Merriman
2007 - Steve Stapler
2006 - Randall Nimura
2005 - William Pollock
2004 - Mark Corley
2003 - Mark Corley
2002 - Mark Corley
2001 - Ed Dorini
2000 - Chuck Conn
1999 - Tommy Barber
1998 - Joe Gallardo
1997 - Ed Dorini
1996 - Raul Cordon
1995 - Dave Thomas
1994 - Rick Sessinghaus
1993 - Rick Sessinghaus
1992 - Rick Sessinghaus
1991 - Mark Corley
1990 - Pablo Duarte
1989 - Timothy Lawlor
1988 - Timothy Lawlor
1987 - Alton Duhon
1986 - Alton Duhon
1985 - Robert Strong
1984 - Robert Strong
1983 - Robert Strong
1982 - Robert Strong
1981 - Jim Whitson
1980 - Alton Duhon
1979 - Robert Strong
1978 - Joe Gallardo
1977 - Alton Duhon
1976 - Allen Cibulski
1975 - Fred Reilly
1974 - Andre Rousselet
1973 - Dave Olsen
1972 - Arne Dokka
1971 - Richard Davis
1970 - Robert Strong
1969 - Robert Strong
1968 - Vic Haddad
1967 - Bill O'Conner
1966 - Arne Dokka
1965 - Arne Dokka
1964 - Chuck Multalbano
1963 - Mike Blum
1962 - Dick Potzner
1961 - Dick Potzner
1960 - William Kinsel
1959 - Don Kelley
1958 - Jerry Gallardo
1957 - Joe Gallardo
1956 - Joe Gallardo
1955 - Foster "Bud" Bradley
1954 - Tony Martino
1953 - Pat Flood Jr.
1952 - Don Kelley
1951 - Don Kelley
1950 - Don Clarke
1949 - Karl Hogan
1948 - Eddie Major
1947 - James P. Duggan
1946 - Jack Gargan
1945 - Herman Michels
1944 - Gordon Norton
1943 - Bob McGoverny
1942 - Matt Corwin
1941 - Rube Kabrins
1940 - Rob Perry
1939 - Rob Perry
1938 - George Lance
1937 - Charles Berdrow